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132 Broad St
Wadsworth, OH, 44281

Bacon's Superior Beard Care, founded 2014.

Beard Oil and Moustache Wax hand-crafted in Ohio. Beard Combs designed in Ohio, hand-crafted in Illinois.


Making Beards Beardier.

Get a Superior Beard with Bacon's Superior Beard Care.

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Bacon's Superior Beard Care - beard oil and mustache wax hand-crafted in Ohio. 

Bacon's Superior Beard Oil is a daily-use, leave-in conditioner made from all-natural non-comedogenic ingredients. Using the right oils in the perfect proportion, you can put an end to dry itchy flaky skin, and nourish your beard to its natural graces and beyond! What makes this beard oil Superior? The focus is on being highly concentrated (not just 90% carrier oils) with oils that actually nourish the beard and make it thrive AND smell good, instead of just providing scents in a base oil.

Bacon's Superior Moustache Wax is a blend of beeswax, lanolin, and jojoba oil. Acheive the style your stash deserves. The mixture of these ingredients and the technique used in creating the final product are what makes this stuff a truly Superior wax.

As with all products that you put on your face, especially near your mouth, be sure to test a small amount in case of contact-dermatological allergies or issues with acne.



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